One America Voices: Adam Coleman

Written by: Adam Coleman

Q: Your nonprofit is called Tru-ID Apologetics, which focuses on Christian apologetics. Can you tell us more about this cause and why you are passionate about it?  

Amongst the various things we hold dear in our lives, our faith and the worldviews that frame them tend to rank high on our lists. I take it that, given our worldviews occupy and influence so much of our lives, we ought to have solid grounds as to why we subscribe to them. In other words, the “why” we believe something should correspond to the strength of our convictions by which we affirm “what” we believe. Christian apologetics is an area of study related to the reasons and evidence by which one may rationally affirm that Christianity is true. I believe that it is far too common for Christians to be unacquainted with the range of evidence supporting Christianity’s truth. My hope for Tru-ID Apologetics Ministries is to fill that gap by providing learning opportunities on such topics.

In exploring the evidence for the Christian worldview and engaging life’s big questions from a Christian perspective, it is immensely important to encounter the issue of identity. Our understanding of identity informs how we answer questions about human dignity, morality, social dynamics, politics, etc. I believe society can make a significant amount of progress if we have a healthy understanding of human identity. From a biblical standpoint, I affirm that all humans are made in the image of God. This provides a baseline for how we value and treat one another. The name of my non-profit, “Tru-ID,” is an acronym that stands for “The Real You Imago Dei,” with the phrase “Imago Dei” being Latin for Image of God. I hope to spread the message of upholding human dignity in every context and to whatever extent we can by emphasizing our common humanity as we are all made in the image of God.

Q. Many people may not know that you are a practicing martial artist. What are some of your favorite disciplines, and what drew you to this? 

Yes, I have always been involved in martial arts one way or another. My first experience with martial arts training was learning Kenpo Karate, Judo, and weapons training from my father, who taught it at the local Boy’s Club. Over the years, I’ve also dabbled in Taekwondo, Brazilian Jui-Jutsu, Kickboxing, and Boxing. What drew me to martial arts was my dad teaching it and my desire to stay in shape.

Q. What made you decide to join the One America Movement team? 

As I alluded to above, a key aspect of my non-profit work before joining the One America Movement was using my Tru-ID platform to promote the idea that we ought to value our shared identity of being made in the Image of God and treat one another well. This has broad-reaching implications, from interpersonal relationships to how we govern ourselves. I believe and have been speaking across the US, teaching on the Imago Dei as a bridge-building identity that can provide a vantage point for unity and cooperation. When a friend of mine told me about the One America Movement and the work they have been doing to combat toxic polarization, its mission resonated with me, and I saw parallels with what I was already engaged. I believe that joining the One America Movement will allow me to entrench myself more deeply in the work of reconciliation in America.

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