One America Voices: Chandra Webb

Written by: Chandra Webb

Chandra Webb

Omaha, Nebraska
Digital Engagement Manager

Q: You spent several years in the world of politics and seeing the world of public service from a perspective others may not always see. What have your lived experiences in that field taught you about people, boundaries, and yourself? 

One of the biggest lessons I have learned through my lived experiences is that most people are acting FOR themselves rather than consciously AGAINST you. Understanding that perspective helps me understand and better navigate relationships with people.  

Q: Your family’s favorite place to visit is Cozumel, Mexico. What about that region of the world draws you in and makes you want to continue to go back for frequent visits? 

Besides the obvious beautiful weather and beaches, we truly love the kindness of people and their laid-back philosophy on the island. The culture of this region really appeals to me and I find that I learn so much from them every time I go, including more and more Spanish.

Q: What made you decide to join the One America team? 

I wanted to work for an organization that focuses on bringing people together and helps them recognize when rhetoric is becoming toxic. Seeing how fulfilled other staff members were while doing this work made me want to join this culture of positivity.

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