One America Voices: Jerrel Johnson

Written by: Jerrel Johnson

Executive Associate for the VP of Programs and Operations

Glen Burnie, MD

You are a big gamer and especially enjoy deep-thinking, role-playing games. What about those types of games draws you to engage?

It’s the depth of those types of games that draws me. Being able to play the game my own way, and not needing to follow the path everyone else chooses really excites me about them. 

You enjoy traveling and mentioned Atlanta and San Diego as two favorite places to visit, and you and your wife went to Hawaii for your honeymoon. What was it about all those places that made you want to go back? 

Each one of those places gives me a sense of relaxation. While they can all be busy in their own way, there is a certain kind of stillness about them, which I can appreciate. 

What made you decide to join the One America Movement Team? 

It was the mission, first and foremost. Bridging divides is a work that has a real purpose, and when we are effective in that mission, the world will become a better place for all of us. 

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