One America Voices: Rosalind Porter

Written by: Rosalind Porter

Q. You have such interesting hobbies–beading, knitting, creative writing, and Japanese flower arranging. What is it about these hobbies that drew you in and made you want to pursue them? 

I began beading by accident. I was on the way to a co-worker’s house, and I saw a necklace in the window of a shop and was going to buy it when the owner said, why don’t you just whip up a quick necklace of your own–and I did! Back when Home Economics was still taught in schools, I learned how to knit but transferred schools before I could complete the class, so I took it up again and loved it. I love all things creative. If I had enough money and time–I would try a few more things.

Q. In addition to your academic degrees, you are a certified behavioral coach. How has that knowledge changed how you work with others? 

I try to spend much more time listening to people now. I want to understand them so that I can best communicate with them. Generally speaking, we can accomplish more if we listen more and speak less. 

Q. What made you decide to join the One America Movement team? 

That is a very long answer, but I can try to contain my response to a few short sentences. I was impressed by the mission and vision of the organization; I had first-hand experience of seeing my home church divided by toxic polarization, and I wanted to work for an organization that cared about its culture as much as it went out into the world to help others. We practice what we preach, and I count myself blessed to be a part of such a great organization.

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