Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

The One America Movement’s mission is to support faith leaders and faith communities to build a united American society by eliminating toxic polarization.

Our Vision

Our vision is a resilient, strong, and united country working together to solve our common challenges.

Our Values


Challenging ourselves and challenging others constructively is critically important. We work to create an environment where all people can be heard, and all ideas can be challenged.


People who look, think, worship, and vote differently from each other are strengthened when they work together. Sheltering ourselves from ideas or people that makes us uncomfortable weakens us.


All people have dignity and the source of that dignity is God. All forms of racism, elitism, and bigotry are violations of that dignity. We work to uphold the dignity of all people, including those who might oppose or criticize us.


At the core of our faith traditions lies the answer to toxic polarization. Our religious teachings hold the values and practices that help people and communities transcend division.


What we do matters. Our society’s toxic polarization incentivizes performance over substance. We believe in showing up and putting in the work.


Trust is key to building a united society. Institutions and people must earn trust, and that takes time and commitment. We must never destroy trust for our own ends.

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