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The One America Movement works with religious leaders, academics, neuroscientists, and experts in conflict prevention to design and evaluate our programs.

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It’s okay — that side-eye you’re giving us right now? We get that same look at cocktail parties when we tell people that we’re fighting division, one faith community at a time. We know that eliminating toxic polarization in a country like ours is a tall order. We know what we are up against. This problem won’t be solved in the next 5, 10, or even 50 years.

Toxic polarization is here to stay — and so are we. Our programs work, and we have the data and testimonials to prove it. Check them out. We’ll turn your side-eye into admiring glances in no time.

As participants in the One America Movement, we:

Step out of our echo chamber

Our digital lives make it very easy to block, unfriend, and unfollow those who think differently. While this may lower your blood pressure while scrolling Instagram, it also creates unhealthy echo chambers where the only point of view we hear is our own.

75% of One America Movement participants agreed that during our programs they heard views they wouldn’t normally hear from their family, friends, and co-workers.


Create lasting relationships that change how we see others

We create unlikely partnerships between people and groups who wouldn’t traditionally come to the table with others. We invest in building lasting relationships rather than planning one-time gatherings.

91% of One America Movement participants are committed to long-term connections and plan to continue building relationships with the people they met through our programming.


Consider other viewpoints

Changing hearts and minds isn’t easy. We know that as people are presented with information that counters their strongly held beliefs, trying to change their minds isn’t just unproductive — it’s nearly impossible. Our programs create space for people to show up as they are and learn with (and from) others in a way that affirms their beliefs and values so they have room to consider other perspectives.

76% of One America Movement participants said they reexamined their beliefs and opinions as a result of participating in our programs.


Leave our comfort zone

Birds of a feather flock together. We tend to live in neighborhoods with people who are similar to us, attend church with people who believe like us, and forge friendships with those who generally agree with our opinions. Coming up with new solutions to old problems requires a bit of disagreement, diverse viewpoints, and unlikely partnerships.

84% of One America Movement participants feel they stepped outside of their typical “bubble” as they participated in our programs.


Know how we view others makes a difference

So much of our discomfort in engaging with people who believe, think, and vote differently than us comes from a lack of understanding about who people actually are. We incorrectly interpret motives and think other groups dislike us more than they do. The good news is we are more alike than we are different, and our programs help build bonds between diverse groups that are not easily broken.

Among our participants, the average perception of other groups improved by 16.5% from before engaging in our programs, to after the first event.


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