Denise McKinney

Denise McKinney

One America Movement Vice Chair Rev. Denise McKinney is The Well's founder and lead pastor, a faith community in Tulsa, OK, centered around a weekly shared meal and conversations about life and faith. With a broad background leading spiritual formation, sacred music, hospitality, and student ministry, Denise considers her main vocation to be connecting people and experiences for growth.

She has a B.A. in Vocal Music from John Brown University, a Certificate in Youth Ministry from Fuller Theologically Seminary, and a M.A. in Christian Formation from North Park Seminary.

She is the author of the book Mile Markers: A Path for Nurturing Adolescent Faithand several articles, most recently Always Room for One More: The Holy Invitation of a Loud and Messy Welcome, in Covenant Companion magazine. She hosts the podcast Stories from The Well and, when she can, finds time to sing a few songs.

Denise lives in Tulsa with her husband, Gary, and is mom to Lanie and Garrison.

“I joined the One America Movement Board because a good friend told me their work would resonate with my passion for connecting people. I have stayed on the Board because OAM embodies the best humanity in all of us—listening to understand, loving our neighbors as ourselves, and believing we share more in common than we think.”

Reverend Denise McKinney
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