One America Movement

Vickie Reddy

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Vickie now calls Chicago home and brings a vibrant spirit to all her professional endeavors. With a background in advocacy and mobilization, Vickie was recruited as Executive Producer for The Justice Conference, an initiative by global humanitarian organization World Relief, where she was responsible for significant brand and platform expansion, and forging strategic partnerships that amplified the conference's reach and impact.

Not one to shy away from innovation, Vickie co-founded "We Welcome Refugees" in response to the Middle East refugee crisis, a pioneering online resource and advocacy platform. This initiative garnered substantial support and raised funds and awareness for partner organizations, ultimately adopted by the National Immigration Forum for grassroots outreach and advocacy to faith-based communities.

Vickie holds a master's degree in Restorative Justice Ministry earned alongside individuals in custody in Illinois prisons, where she worked pioneering higher education delivery and extracurricular programming across the state. Her innovations paved new pathways for incarcerated individuals to utilize their pastoral and teaching training within the Illinois Department of Corrections and her passion for community engagement extended to developing re-entry programs in collaboration with university campuses, denominations, and local churches, advocating for support from legislators and partners to aid individuals transitioning back into society.

Vickie comes to the One America Movement through her previous role serving as the Executive Director of Cross the Lines, a coalition of Christian community and media organizations. She is motivated to empower communities of faith to navigate division and broken relationships, reflecting her deep-rooted commitment to fostering unity and restoration within the Church and society.

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