One America Voices: Kevin McIntosh

Written by: Kevin McIntosh

Kevin McIntosh

Michigan Regional Outreach Manager

Q: You have a background in campus work and multifaith group work.  What about this work drew you in and made you want to help others in this way?

I have always been interested in religion.  Growing up, I thought I wanted to be a pastor until I took my first World Religion class my senior year of high school.  Moving to college, I majored in religious studies and was active in campus life.  I had such good mentors who inspired me in such a way that inspired me to give back in that same way.  College campuses are such excellent laboratories because folks are forced to live, eat, and study with people that don’t look, think, or pray like them.   

Q: Others may be surprised to know that you have moved and lived in many different cities.  What do you think these moves and these different communities taught you about humanity? How have the moves affected the way you approach your work? 

I’ve called four different cities home (Tampa, Atlanta, Boston, and now Grand Rapids), and I have enjoyed each place. In my house, I have paintings of each of their skylines. 

These moves help teach me some cultural differences (living in the South, Northeast, and Midwest). The moves are also a reminder about cultural humility–when you meet one person from an area (or religion, culture, etc.) that you’ve met one person; in other words, these areas of the country are not monocultural but instead there is a vast diversity in them.

Q: What made you decide to join the One America Movement team?

I was looking for an organization that took faith seriously and wanted to work on bridge-building.  Connecting with faith leaders and student leaders to help bring the country together really excites me.  

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