One America Movement




Jessie Herrmann

Living in Charlottesville, VA during the events in August of 2017 was a point of awakening for Jessie to a more robust understanding of the injustices in our nation. A stay-at-home-mom at the time, she knew it was her responsibility to listen and educate not only herself, but her children as well. These events, along with years of experiencing other cultures while travelling and living abroad, created a desire to do more of this important work of education and learning to work together.

As an active duty military spouse, Jessie has adapted and evolved her skillset to serve in both professional and volunteer opportunities around the world. Whether it was caring for families living in military housing, running an overseas tax center for military families and retirees, or leading as a member of numerous spouses’ club boards, Jessie is proud to consider herself a “Jack (or Jane!) of all trades” whose passion is to support the mission in whatever capacity is needed.

Jessie is proud to be a natural-born Texan, wife to a soldier, and mom to two crazy kids. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University and loves all things travel and food. Preferably together.

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